American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

The objective of the AHA predoctoral fellowships are to help students initiate careers in cardiovascular and stroke research by providing research assistance and training.

Tingting Liu (Knowlton Lab)

Nick Klug (O'Donnell Lab)

Brent Wood (Bossuyt Lab)

Xiyuan "Lucy" Lu (Bers Lab)

Loren D. Carlson Prize in Physiology

The Loren D. Carlson Prize recognizes demonstrated superior scholarly achievement and promise for teaching and research.

Grace Or (Tian Lab) 2016-17

Kristi Hamilton (Raybould Lab) 2015-16

Tingting Liu (Knowlton Lab) 2014-15

Katherine D. Watson (Ferrera Lab) 2013-14

Amanda Klein (Carstens Lab) 2012-13

Fan Yang (J. Zheng Lab) 2011-12

Padmini Sirish (Chiamvimonvat Lab) 2010-11

Tina Lam (O'Donnell Lab) 2009-10

James Stice (Knowlton Lab) 2008-09

Laura Higins (Rutledge Lab) 2008-09

Larissa Eiselein (Rutledge Lab) 2007-08

Linda Barter (Antognini Lab) 2006-07

Barbara Horwitz & John Horowitz Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology Award

The Barbara Horwitz & John Horowitz Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology Award is awarded to an outstanding MCIP graduate student for travel and/or supplies.

Nicholas Aguirre (Baar Lab) 2015

Nicole Coggins (Segal/Carvajal-Carmona Labs) 2016

Arik Davidyan (Bodine Lab) 2017

Raman Goyal (Borodinsky Lab) 2017

Kuei-Pin Huang (Raybould Lab) 2017

Hannah Ledford (Chiamvimonvat Lab) 2017

Savannah Mack (Pinkerton Lab) 2017

Maryam Moshref (Kol Lab) 2017

Paige Mundy (Connon Lab) 2017

Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship

Shannamar Dewey has been selected as a winner in the 2012 Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program, receiving a prize of $5,000.

She joined the MCIP graduate group at UCD in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology from UC Santa Cruz, which she received with honors in 2004. Dewey enjoys interacting with future young scientists by volunteering as a judge at elementary school science fairs and mentoring undergraduate student research projects.

In its second year, the Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program provides educational opportunities and $40,000 in scholarships to the future generation of scientists. The call for entries for the 2013 scholarship is open now through Dec. 14. Applications and scholarship award criteria can be found at

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

Philip Matern (Bodine Lab), 2013

Darren Hwee (Bodine Lab), 2010

Linda Barter (Antognini Lab) and Robin Altman (Rutledge Lab), 2007

Dean's Mentorship Award

The Dean's Mentorship Award was created to help support both graduate and undergraduate students in their research and to honor the efforts of graduate students who mentor those around them. Graduate student winners are nominated by their faculty advisor and chosen by a committee to receive the award. In addition, they are then able to divide an additional award among the undergraduate students who work with them in the lab.

Kenneth Eum - 2015 (posthumously)

Kristi Bezold - 2012

Northern California Chapter of the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Award (ARCS)

The ARCS Foundation Northern California Chapter provides scholarships to academically outstanding United States citizens studying to complete their degrees in science, medicine, and engineering, thereby contributing to the worldwide advancement of science and technology.

Grace Or (Tian Lab), 2017-18

Karine Schaal (Casazza Lab), 2014-2015; 2015-16

Kristi Bezold (Harris Lab) and Shannamar Dewey (Gomes Lab), 2012-2013

Breanna Wallace (O'Donnell Lab), 2009-2010; 2010-2011

Kimberly Barnholt (Rutledge Lab), 2008-2009

Tina Lam (O'Donnell Lab) and Kimberly Barnholt (Rutledge Lab), 2007-2008

Irving I. Hertzendorf Memorial Award

The Hertzendorf Memorial Award in Physiology is awarded to students for outstanding qualities as a scholar and a humanitarian.

Brent Wood (Bossuyt Lab) - 2017

Nick Klug (O'Donnell Lab) - 2016

Nick Aguirre (Baar Lab) - 2015

Kristina Hamilton (Raybould Lab) - 2014

Shannamar Dewey (Gomes Lab) - 2013

Katherine Watson (Ferrara Lab) - 2012

Amanda Klein (Carstens Lab) - 2011

Breanna Wallace (O'Donnell Lab) - 2010

Kimberly Barnholt (Rutledge Lab) - 2009

Robin Altman (Rutledge Lab) - 2008

Linda Barter (Antognini Lab) - 2007

Max Kleiber Graduate Research Prize

This prize is awarded annually in recognition of the most outstanding dissertation in the areas of nutrition and metabolism, and emphasizes the belief that the recipient has demonstrated superior scholary achievement and promise in research.

Tingting Liu (Knowlton Lab) 2015

Katherine D. Watson (Ferrera Lab) 2014

Sassan Rafizadeh (Chiamvimonvat Lab) 2011