M.S. Program

M.S. Degree

The programs for the Master of Science degree are designed to provide in depth training in either Cellular or Systemic Physiology. Full time students must enroll in a minimum of 12 units per quarter.

Course Requirements

A total of 30 units in physiology or related subjects is required.

  • Core Course in Physiology (MCP 210 A,B,C, fall, winter, spring, respectively)
  • Science Integrity (GGG 296), fall quarter, 2 units
  • Physiology: Introduction to Research (MCP 291D), fall quarter, 2 units
  • No more than six units can be credited from 290-level courses [i.e., 290/291D/298 (group study), 299 (research), or GGG 296]
  • Balance of units are to be selected from upper division or graduate courses in physiology or closely related subjects.

Research and Thesis

A research program and thesis must be completed under the guidance of a major professor (a research mentor) who is a member of the graduate group. At least two other faculty members assist the major professor as members of the thesis committee. The M.S. thesis should be a scholarly piece of experimental research that is rigorous in design, methodology and analysis, but is not expected to be as extensive as a Ph.D. dissertation.