Admission Prerequisites

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The following prerequisite courses are recommended for students applying for graduate study in physiology, as students who are admitted into our program have generally taken these courses. Students requiring more than two courses to remedy a deficiency in these recommendations will not normally be admitted.

  • Biology: One year of General Biology or equivalent content
  • Biochemistry: Two quarters or one semester Introductory Biochemistry, or equivalent content
  • Biochemistry or Cell Biology Lab: One quarter or semester Biochemistry or Cell Biology Laboratory, or equivalent content
  • Chemistry: One year General Chemistry with laboratory, or equivalent content
  • Organic Chemistry: Two quarters or one semester Organic Chemistry with laboratoory, or equivalent content
  • Mathematics: One year Calculus and Analytical Geometry, or equivalent content
  • Physics: One year General Physics with laboratory, or equivalent content
  • Statistics: One quarter or semester Introduction to Statistics, or equivalent content