Training Vision

MCIP Commitment to Student Development

The Molecular Cellular and Integrative Physiology (MCIP) Graduate Group has a strong commitment and focus on nurturing its students' career and professional development. To accomplish this, we have developed and implemented several strategies, including developing the "Navigating Graduate School" course, implementation of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to empower students to introspect, set clear career goals, and map out strategic pathways to achieve them, encourage participation in writing workshops to help hone this key skill useful in any career, organization of an annual MCIP colloquium featuring career panels comprising Program Alumni that are currently in diverse fields to provide broad views of different opportunities, participation in different designated emphasis programs and partnership with UC Davis on different initiatives aim at developing and fostering well-rounded scholars and scientists. This robust plan allows MCIP to provide graduates with the tools to transition into different roles within and beyond academia.