Discovering how diabetes leads to vascular disease

UC Davis researchers find a cellular link between high blood sugar and blood vessel constriction
The Navedo lab team is identifying how diabetes increases the risks of serious health conditions such as heart disease and stroke. From left to right are Debapriya Ghosh, Gopireddy Reddy, Arsalan Syed, Manuel Navedo, Madeline Nieves-Cintrón and Thanhmai Lee.

A team of UC Davis Health scientists and physicians has identified a cellular connection between diabetes and one of its major complications — blood vessel narrowing that increases risks of several serious health conditions, including heart disease and stroke. For the new study, published in The Journal of Clinical Investigationthe Navedo lab team conducted a series of experiments on the effects of high glucose on cerebral blood vessels and arterial cells that control blood flow. The tests were conducted on a unique genetically modified mouse and two mouse models of diabetes that were developed at UC Davis for studies of cardiovascular health.  Several MCIP faculty members participated in this research, including Drs. Madeline Nieves-Cintron, Fernando Santana, Y. Kevin Xiang, and Nipavan Chiamvimonvat.

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